AfCFTA Young Entrepreneurs Federation Launched

African Youth Entrepreneurship groups have launched the AfCFTA Young Entrepreneurs Federation (AfYEF) to mobilize the youth to take advantage of the single continental market.

The federation is a league of youth entrepreneurship organizations from across the African continent that serves as a representative voice for young entrepreneurs on AfCFTA.

It among other things seeks to train and build capacity of youth entrepreneurs, advocate for them when the need arises and further facilitate trade.


At the launch of the Federation in Accra yesterday, the President of the AfYEF, Mr Sita Sofo Hissan, said the establishment of the AfYEF sought to engage, connect and unite young entrepreneurs in Africa to trade among themselves.

“AfCFTA seems to be what we the youth of Africa need. According to International Monetary Fund reports, more than 30 million people will be taken out of abject poverty in 14 years when AfCFTA is well implemented,” he said.

In attendance at the launch were representatives from the Nigeria High Commission, European Union to AU, Denmark Embassy, Ethiopia Embassy, Guinea Embassy, Namibia Embassy, GIZ, Star Ghana Foundation, Green Economic Ghana, SNV, Trade Associations and youth groups.

The Federation alongside the launch, unveiled the it’s offices to be used as the coordinating point of activities on the Continent.


In order to encourage and sustain the intra-African trade, the Secretary General of the AfYEF, Mr Sherif Ghali said, there would be a membership mobilization drive across the African continent to engage more youth organizations.

He, therefore, encouraged all young entrepreneurs in the continent to join the federation regardless of the size of their businesses.


For her part, a minister at the Nigeria High Commission, Mrs Esther Adebola Arewa, acknowledged that the success of the AfCFTA was critical to the successful integration of regions on the African continent.

She, therefore, advised the youth not to take for granted the AfCFTA Young Entrepreneurs Federation platform, saying “please take advantage of those opportunities that abound”.

Meanwhile, the Country Representative of the GIZ, Regina Bauerochse Barbosa said that was the time for the African youth to be creative and innovative across board.

“You can evaluate ideas, align or realign, and develop concepts and execute business plans that can be sustainable in all seasons,” she said.

She further required of the youth to endeavor to create opportunities that put Africa’s rising economy on the path of prosperity.

“The AfCFTA offers Africa a unique opportunity to usher in a new era of development. This is the time for entrepreneurs, especially the young ones to add value to their businesses by being innovative and remain competitive,” Ms Barbosa added.

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