International Women’s Day 2023

Dear AfYEF Women and Colleagues,

Many people across the world now have access to the internet and a wide variety of information on products, people, and places through their smartphones and other smart devices. This has facilitated access to markets for small businesses across countries and different sectors resulting in the creation of wealth for Individuals, Businesses, and Nations at all levels.

In support of the official theme for the 2023 celebrations, at AfYEF Women, we have identified our Theme for the year as “Taking Businesses to New Heights; Harnessing the Digital Space”. This theme focuses on empowering more women-owned Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) through technological innovation to boost our businesses.

Exploring technological innovations has positively impacted markets through the high rise of electronic commerce (e-commerce) platforms across various industries and jurisdictions. Although there are some challenges creating barriers to women’s involvement in digital and technological innovations, the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

To learn more about how we can adequately make use of this opportunity, we have put together a team of seasoned entrepreneurs to share their entrepreneurial journey and the impact of technology on their businesses. This webinar will take place on Saturday, *11th March* 2023 from *10:00 AM* to *noon* GMT.

See you there!!!

AfYEF Women; Mobilizing Women for the AfCFTA!

Francisca E. Agbagba

Director of Gender, AfYEF

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