AfYEF President, Prince Siita Sofo Hissan, Arrives in Zambia for Historic AfCFTA Youth Symposium

Lusaka, Zambia – August 20, 2023

Prince Siita Sofo Hissan, the visionary leader at the helm of the AfCFTA Young Entrepreneurs Federation (AFYEF), arrived in Zambia today, marking a momentous occasion in the federation’s journey. Touching down at the esteemed Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA) at approximately 12:30 pm, Prince Siita’s arrival carries profound significance as he sets foot on Zambian soil for the first time since the inception of AFYEF two years ago, including the establishment of the Zambian Chapter.

The esteemed President’s visit to Zambia is aligned with the highly anticipated inaugural AfCFTA Youth Symposium, scheduled to commence tomorrow. Under the resounding theme, “Unlocking Opportunities: Empowering Young People in AfCFTA Implementation,” this symposium stands as a pivotal gathering that aims to illuminate pathways for youth engagement in the African Continental Free Trade Area’s (AfCFTA) multifaceted landscape.

Prince Siita Sofo Hissan’s presence at the symposium is nothing short of momentous. As a charismatic advocate for youth entrepreneurship and empowerment, he is slated to contribute his insights during a panel discussion scheduled for tomorrow. This panel, composed of distinguished thought leaders, policymakers, and entrepreneurs, will engage in vibrant discourse surrounding the pivotal topic of unlocking opportunities and empowering young individuals in the realm of AfCFTA implementation.

The AfCFTA Young Entrepreneurs Federation resonates as a force for change and empowerment, echoing its core mission to galvanize Africa’s youthful population toward economic transformation. Prince Siita Sofo Hissan’s involvement at this symposium resonates with his commitment to the advancement of the African youth and entrepreneurship within the broader framework of the AfCFTA.

As anticipation mounts for the symposium’s commencement, Prince Siita Sofo Hissan’s presence amplifies the collective aspirations of young entrepreneurs across the continent. His participation symbolizes the enduring commitment of AFYEF to foster an environment conducive to youth-driven economic progress, ultimately shaping the trajectory of Africa’s trade and economic landscape.

For updates on Prince Siita Sofo Hissan’s engagements and the symposium’s transformative discussions, please stay tuned to our official channels.

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