What We Do

Our projects

Our organization is involved in numerous projects aimed at helping young entrepreneurs become active contributors to AfCFTA

AfYEF is focused on the development of African youth businesses for AfCFTA. Our mandate revolves around five (5) thematic areas stated below:


AfYEF leads policy dialogue on youth entrepreneurship and private sector reforms and campaigns for the improvement of entrepreneurship climate for young people in Africa through publications, press releases, consultative fora, newspaper publications and policy statement issues. We are at the forefront of getting young entrepreneurs heard in the relevant decision-making quarters and making sure their opinion counts, especially on AfCFTA policy frameworks that address youth employment, skills development and employability issues.

Training & Capacity Building

One of our primary aims is to build the capacity of young entrepreneur across the continent on AfCFTA. And so, with our already established captains of the industry, we provide business mentorship and coaching to young entrepreneurs via conferences, workshops, breakfast meetings etc.

AfYEF training and capacity building programs are based on practical information on business plan development, strategic planning, product development, business management and innovation processes. We instil ethical leadership, prudent financial management, risk assessment of businesses, international expansion of businesses, marketing strategies, personal and corporate branding as well responsible citizenship through the fulfilment of tax obligations.

Funding/Investment Mobilization

AfYEF researches and lobby for business funding avenues such as crowdfunding, grants, debt funding etc. for young entrepreneurs.  We profile young entrepreneurs to aid them access and secure available funds from private and public financial sources such as Angel Investors, Venture Capital, Equity Firms and government sources.


We conduct research on a wide range of issues that have impact on the development of young enterprises as far as AfCFTA is concerned. Our research scope ranges from effects of lending rates on business growth, cost of credit, to costs of factors of production such as utility rates, property rates, land, labor and constraints. Other areas of interest in our research works are on business climate, impact of funding on small businesses, impediments to business set up and competitive advantage of African young entrepreneurs, among others. The results are disseminated through publications and press releases to the media and directly to stakeholders in youth development within the continent.