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AfYEF leads policy dialogue on youth entrepreneurship and private sector reforms and campaigns for the improvement of entrepreneurship climate for young people in Africa with special focus on AfCFTA

Invest in a Training & Capacity Building

One of our primary aims is to build the capacity of young entrepreneurs across the continent on AfCFTA. And so, with our already established captains of the industry, we provide business mentorship and coaching to young entrepreneurs via conferences, workshops, breakfast meetings etc.

Funds & Investment Mobilization

AfYEF researches and lobby for business funding avenues such as crowdfunding, grants, debt funding etc. for young entrepreneurs. We profile young entrepreneurs to aid them access and secure available funds from private and public financial sources such as Angel Investors, Venture Capital, Equity Firms and government sources.


We conduct research on a wide range of issues that have impact on the development of young enterprises as far as African Free Continent Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) is concerned. Our research scope ranges from effects of lending rates on business growth, cost of credit, to costs of factors of production such as utility rates, property rates, land, labor and constraints.

Trade Facilitation and Networking

We are focused on networking and trade facilitation among our members. We will help those with good business prospects to scale up, get access to investors, markets and support them to grow with the right networks. We are focused on promoting exchanges between young entrepreneurs and women in the continent through our wide range networking events.

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